Pokeswap: You have done what you have been told. Are you going to continue to edit? I know you will. From this moment on you are a warrior

Fallenstars: You have been a apprentice a while. You are commited to this wiki.

Tigerstarrules: Many pages made. Many edits made. You are now a warrior! On this Christmas day you become a warrior of this wiki! Do well young warrior!

Moonshine78999: Awesome apprenice and nicest apprentice yet. (not to offend anyone) I love your ethusiasum! On Christmas day you become a warrior of Wildes World Wiki!

Kitty:You have been a apprentice long enough. You have made pages and blogs. You have done tasks efficiently and were eager to learn new things. You love this wiki and will stay on it! You are now a warrior! May starclan light your path young warrior!

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