• Mousepaw
  • Male
  • Blonde with crimson colored muzzle, toes, tail tips, and ear tip; orange eyes
  • Apprentice
  • Cloudfoot
  • Female
  • Orange and white tabby she-cat with black paws and ears; yellow-green eyes
  • Warrior


  • Darky
  • Female
  • Black with white tail tip, split in half tail, blue collar, orange eyes
  • Loner


  • john doe
  • Male
  • Black cat with blue eyes and a short tail very furry has arthritis in paw
  • Kittypet
  • 123453234342t234545p4 code for secret agency


  • ChocoStar:
  • Leader of WildClan
  • She-cat
  • Cinnamon colored pelt, frosted blue eyes, 4 white paws.


  • Flowertail
  • She-cat
  • A cream colored pelt, green eyes
  • Deputy


  • Rainheart
  • She-cat
  • A beautiful blue-gray she-cat with icy blue eyes.
  • Warrior


  • Patchtail
  • She-cat
  • A dark gray she cat with green eyes
  • Medicine cat


  • Stripepaw
  • she-cat
  • Fluffy soft brown tabby with amber eyes
  • 'paw


  • Crescentpaw
  • Tom
  • Dark gray with fluffy, soft fur and a white chest, tail-tip, and crescent-moon shape on forehead, blue/white eyes
  • Apprentice


  • Tigerstar
  • Tom
  • Leader of TigerClan
  • Fluffy, dark brown, with silver tabby stripes and red eyes
  • one torn ear and many battle scars


  • Willowpaw
  • she-cat
  • silvery gray she-cat with darker gray stripes ivy blue eyes
  • Apprentice

Agent P rocks2272

  • Featherpaw/path
  • She-cat
  • All white she-cat
  • Medicine Cat Apprentice


  • dark gay tabby tom
  • silver arond the eyes and at the tip of the tail
  • blood red eyes
  • tom
  • leader/founder of haloclan
  • halostar

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