Last Thursday Nite

  • There's a raisin in my bed 
  • Powder Sugar on my head
  • Chickens all over the room 
  • White Dingos, they are cool!
  • You smell  like a stinky poo
  • my brother's peeing in the yard
  • Transformers in the school 
  • This a raisin or some turd?
  • People from last night ended up in jail.Too bad.. 
  • For Them
  • I don't remember much
  • But I know it was so cool
  • Crud!
  • Last thursday Night
  • Yeah, we danced in food depot
  • Then we ran around the pool 
  • I think we sang but you forgot
  • Last Thursday night 
  • We were sleeping in the school
  • Using gas station bathrooms 
  • Stealing random people's shoes
  • Next Thursday night, 
  • we'll do something new
  • Yeah, I think I broke the mop!
  • Never lie, and say we're not-hot
  • Oh whoa oh.

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